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10 Wildly Inappropriate Moments From Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons

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As I sit and watch cartoons with my children these days, I notice quite a stark difference between the content now portrayed compared to what I remember watching as a child myself. Illustrators and writers are more aware of what will be deemed inappropriate, and they go to great lengths to avoid anything controversial. It wasn't always this way.

Here are 10 times that cartoons from my childhood crossed a line into, "did that just really happen?"

1. Rugrats - Tommy and Angelica's head.

I am sure that no one drew this up intentionally, in fact, without the screen shot most people would not likely have noticed that this happened. But, Tommy did look like he was getting a little too comfortable with a replica of his cousin's head.


2. Ren and Stimpy - the Log Song.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the "Log Song" was obviously a reference to "sporting wood." We're not all that shocked to be honest, Ren and Stimpy crossed the line every time one of the episodes was on television.


3. Aladdin, the animated series - Aladdin gets mounted.

Aladdin the animated series came out to piggyback on the success of the movie. Now this was likely by no means intentional, but it definitly looks like Aladdin is being "mounted" by Rajah. It looks worse than it probably is...


4. Pokemon - Lickitung can get a little awkward.

Anytime you get into the world of anime things can get a little dicey, translations and drawings can be confused when you're bringing them to an English audience. No one seemed to notice how bad this particular scene looked. Judge for yourself.


5. Donald Duck gets "visibly excited."

I don't think that I can justifiably defend this particular scene. I truly don't think it just slipped past the editing team, my best guess is that it was done intentionally. Regardless, I didn't realize what I had seen until I got a little older.

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