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10 Bizarre Training Videos That'll Take You Back To Your First Job

Back when home video was still a relatively new thing, tons of companies figured they could save time and energy on training their employees with a revolutionary idea: "Hey, let's just get them to watch a video!"

Of course, these videos almost always ended up more cringey than actually informative, and in the case of these 10 videos, the results are nothing but hilarious to look back on.


Let this precocious, curly-haired girl take you through the process of "Buster Sales." Why does that sound raunchy?

Police defense training

The full video of "Surviving Edged Weapons" is over an hour long, and so overacted and paranoid that we can't believe it wasn't about a conspiracy theory.

Pizza Hut

Talk about acting that's even more wooden than their pizza's crust...

Guide to Satanic cults

You too can watch a guy with a mullet explain how graffiti in parks is a sign of a cult in your area. No, we are not kidding.

The videos just get even more strange from here...

Showbiz Pizza

I never thought images of people peeling artificial skin off animatronic animals could be so creepy, but man was I wrong.


Not so much a training video as an ad for a tabletop game, this is supposed to be what a game of Shadowrun looks like, but is ultimately just a cheese-fest.


An absolutely bananas video for someone who wants to own a franchise. It's a full-on music video. Seriously.


Ever wanted to sell video games? You probably won't after this.


Ever wanted to hear a person rapping about how to pour soft drinks? Well have I got a video for you!


Because apparently dealing with customers with defective Nintendo products was enough to merit an entire video (meanwhile I'm pretty sure my Gamecube could take a bullet and still work).

Do you remember seeing any of these in the 90s?