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10 Tech Trends And Gadgets We Were All Completely Obsessed With In The 90s


Growing up in the 90s meant that you were privy to a lot of technology that our parents weren't really used to. Computers were starting to be a lot more affordable and so all of the coolest toys started to bank on the technological turn our world was taking.


This meant that all of our favorite and most desired toys we super cool and futuristic. Obviously we had to have all the latest technology, even though our parents didn't fully understand. We just knew that these things were going to be a great investment. However, we were not always right...


We thought they were going to be the next big thing! While they were popular for a while, they became completely irrelevant when cell phones became readily available.

Palm Pilots

We all dreamed of one day being important enough to own a Palm Pilot, but instead they once again became completely irrelevant once Blackberry phones and other smartphones became the new normal.

Electronic Diaries

For those of us who were too young to even dream of a Palm Pilot, we could try and substitute in one of those little electronic diaries or schedulers. They honestly were a lot more trouble than they were worth but it didn't stop us from thinking they were neat.


Why bother playing with our real pets when we could bring a little electronic one everywhere we went?


These computers were the absolute dream. They were bright and colorful and obviously it was just cooler to own something that you could personalize to your room. Obviously they were super rare to actually know someone who had one, but a kid could dream!

There were so many things we all dreamed of having that became outdated so very quickly. Do you remember the rest of these?


These annoying little devices were probably the worst/best thing someone with a sibling could own. They were used to endlessly mimic our brothers and sisters, much to our parents annoyance.

Tiger Electronic Games

Game Boys were super popular, but a lot of us couldn't afford them so we went for the next best thing!

Locking Journals

If you didn't want to fiddle around with one of those electronic diaries that had to type out the entries, you could also get paper versions but they had voice activate locks that were super cool.

The Old School Cell Phones


While every kid now seems to have a cellphone, no one did when we were young. Seeing Zack Morris with his giant cell phone was the epitome of cool and none of us could have dreamed to reach that level.

Talk Boy

Kevin McCalister had one which obviously meant that we all needed one too. How else were we going to save ourselves from the evil burglars in the neighborhood?

How many of these tech toys and gadgets were you into back in the 90s? Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite!