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10 Rock Star Cameos From The 80s That Left Us Raising Our Eyebrows

Sitcoms love having guest stars, and sometimes they're even able to rope in famous bands and musicians to give a performance! However, these can often be a pretty weird fit, as you'll see in these 10 clips.

Married... With Children - Anthrax

The thrash metal band shows up to the Bundy house after the kids win a contest, and proceed to play "In My World" as everyone trashes the place. Pure heavy metal greatness.

Punky Brewster - Andy Gibb

When Punky gets a new piano teacher, it turns out to be former teen idol (and youngest brother of the BeeGees) Andy Gibb! It would unfortunately be his last screen appearance before his death three years later at the age of 30.

Square Pegs - Devo

An often-forgotten sitcom that launched the career of Sarah Jessica Parker, Square Pegs featured the band best known for "Whip It" on an episode. Apparently the band was severely uncomfortable with the amount of drug use happening on set.

The Cosby Show - Stevie Wonder

The icon wore one of the ugliest, most 80s sweaters imaginable while running through one of his hits for the Cosby family.

Seriously, these next few appearances are pretty crazy...

CHiPS - Laura Branigan

Despite appearing as the singer of a fictional band named Cadillac Foxes, Branigan performed her then-massive hit "Gloria" for a concert scene.

The Young Ones - Motorhead

Most people discovered this punk-themed British sitcom when it was picked up for broadcast in the US by MTV, and even though it featured punk legends like The Damned and Madness, it was Motorhead's explosive performance of "Ace of Spades" that everybody still remembers.

The Facts Of Life - El DeBarge

The soulful tenor pop star made an appearance where he sang his hit "You Wear It Well" with the girls.

The Jeffersons - Gladys Knight

Though the show started in the 70s, it was in the 80s where Knight appeared as a guest at a health resort, where she isn't recognized because of her face mask.

Wiseguy - Debbie Harry

The Blondie frontwoman appeared several times as the character Diana Price on the popular crime drama. In one episode she even sings her solo hit "Brite Side."

Miami Vice - Freaking Everybody

Seriously, Miami Vice seemed to get every musician that was big at some point in the 70s or 80s. From Frank Zappa and Phil Collins, to Ted Nugent and Glenn Frey, clearly the show liked its musical guests.

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