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10 Lyrics That Prove Limp Bizkit Was The Stupidest Band Of The 90s

Limp Bizkit exist as a perpetual reminder about just how bad our taste in music was in the late 90s and early 2000s. They've sold millions of albums and performed worldwide, and yet the only band the internet likes making fun of even more is Nickelback. Of course, when you have songs with lyrics like these 10, you make the internet's job pretty easy.


I did it all for the nookie, c’mon

The nookie, c’mon,

So you can take that cookie

And stick it up your… yeah!

Because nothing says a song about doing the horizontal Monster Mash quite like telling someone to use a cookie as a suppository.

"Nobody Loves Me"

Nobody loves me, nobody cares

Nobody loves me, nobody owes me a thing

Nobody loves me, nobody cares

Nobody loves me, maybe I’ll go eat worms

The most hardcore of rap verses; ripping off a playground song.

"Rollin' "

Move in, now move out

Hands up, now hands down

Back up, back up.

Tell me what cha` gonna do now.

It's like the hokey-pokey but for douchebags.

If you thought those were bad, wait 'til you see the rest...

"Show Me What You Got"

I thank God, mom & dad,

Adriana, the sky, for the love I feel inside,

Jordan, my phat ass band,

Without ‘em I’d be nothin’ but a pumpkin shoved inside a can

The lyrics start out simple enough with dedications to important people in Durst's life, only to get completely sidewinded at the end by a line that makes no sense at all.

"Show Me What You Got" (Again)

Comin’ raw with no corrections,

Savin’ all perfections for what I do with my erections

Seriously, as if we thought that song couldn't get worse than that first verse.


Maybe life is up and down,

But my life’s been what till now?

I crawled up your butt somehow,

And that’s when things got turned around

...I've got nothing. What do you even say to that?

"The One"

We could give it a try 'cause you never know

Maybe we could be soul mates

But maybe not or maybe so

If you never try then you'll never know

The grass could be greener

And it'll always be greener on the other side

But you just never know this could be the one.

The most half-assed love song since "All Out Of Love."

"Break Stuff"

Its just one of those days

Feeling like a freight train

First one to complain

Leaves with a bloodstain

Seriously, this is the guy who said in "Rollin'" that other rappers need to get some better rhymes?

"Hot Dog"

"If I say 'f**k' two more times,

That's forty-six 'f**k's in this f**ked up rhyme"

Fred, rappers had been dropping the F-bomb for at least a decade before you wrote this song, there's nothing impressive here.


Life is overwhelming

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I don't fall down

Guys, stop. Just stop. Stop trying to use metaphor. Stop trying to be intelligent. Stop trying. Stop.

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