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10 Iconic TV Show Episodes That Will Fill You With Christmas Cheer

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit quite like seeing your favorite sitcom regulars celebrating the holidays.

Whether it's a special guest appearance, hilarious holiday situations or something that pulls on the heartstrings, these Christmas episodes are definitely worth going back to watch again.

1. Full House- "Our Very First Christmas Show"

You can't forget Jesse's speech about the true meaning of Christmas and the moment that the Tanner family is surprised by their wrapped gifts unexpectedly appearing on the luggage carousel. Even they couldn't see what the holidays had in store for them and it was great.

2. Pinky and the Brain- "A Pinky and the Brain Christmas"

These two were always be trying to take over the world, and Christmas was no exception for this duo. The Brain plans to use a doll delivered by Santa as a mind control tool. You may remember that he has a change of heart when finds out that Pinky's only Christmas wish was for Brain's happiness.

3. Saved By The Bell- "Home For Christmas"

Not that we needed another reason to love Zack Morris, but his focus on holiday spirit and helping Laura and her dad get back on their feet, showed us what Christmas was about. Zack fell for Laura at the mall before he found out that she and her father were homeless and decided to help.

4. Hey Arnold! - "Arnold's Christmas"

The holidays are all about emotions, so when this powerful episode came along, we were still taken by surprise. In the segment, Arnold reunites Mr. Hyunh with his daughter as his Secret Santa gift.

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5. Family Matters- "Have Yourself A Merry Winslow Christmas"

Steve accidentally breaks Laura's antique Christmas ornament, but she decides to forgive him and invite him to spend the holidays with her family, after she finds out he was going to be alone on Christmas Eve.

6. Dexter's Laboratory- "Dexter vs. Santa Claws"

While Dexter grapples with the idea behind Santa Claus, he attempts to prove that the man in the red suit is actually his father in disguise.

7. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- "Twas the Night Before Christening"

While every episode was pure gold, hearing Boys II Men perform "O Holy Night" brought Christmas to life. This just gives me goosebumps every time.

8. Tiny Toon Adventures- "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special"

Because who doesn't love it when our favorite animated characters take on Christmas!

9. Boy Meets World- "A Very Topanga Christmas"

When A Christmas Carol comes to one of our favorite shows of the 90s, we can't help but get sucked in. Cody isn't sure about Topanga's unique traditions, until he is visited by characters from the classic story.

10. Beverly Hills, 20210 - "A Walsh Family Christmas"

In only the second season of the show, they made this Christmas episode a real tear-jerker. So grab the tissues because this seriously adorable ending will get you into the Christmas spirit.

What was your favorite Christmas special of all time? Share with us in the comments.

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