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10 Secrets From The Charmed Set That You Won't Know If You're Not A Witch

It was recently announced that there would be a reboot of the hit 90s and early 2000s show Charmed, but there will be a few major twists. In preparation for the release of the reboot (no specific date has been announced yet) let's take a look at 10 things you didn't know about the original show.

1. Holly Marie Combs (Piper) had two "romances" going on at the same time.

For the entire eight season span of the show, Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper, had an onscreen romance going on with Leo Wyatt who was played by Brian Krause. But she was actually romantically involved with David Donoho, one of the key-grips for the show. They met on set and got married in 2004. She filed for divorce from Donoho and she recently announced that she was once again engaged.

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2. Several actors guest appeared on the show before they were as famous as they are now.

As with many of the shows from the 90s and early 2000s, actors and actresses who have become household names would make guest appearances on the shows in an attempt to jump-start their careers, and Charmed was no different. Kaley Cuoco Sweeting, Eric Dane, Jon Hamm, Norman Reedus, Zachary Quinto, Billy Zane, Charisma Carpenter and Amy Adams all made at least one appearance on the show.


3. Only 1 character appeared in every episode.

Holly Marie Combs who played Piper was the only character to appear in every episode of the eight season TV series, even the un-aired pilot that had to be re-shot because of a casting change.

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4. It wasn't cheap to make Charmed.

Each episode cost around $2 million to make, which forced the producers, writers and directors to cut out a lot of special effects. Remember when Phoebe gained the power of levitation? Well they wrote that power out of the story because it would have been too expensive to continually create. They even wrote Leo, Piper's love interest, out of the story for a while to save money.  


5. Alyssa Milano wasn't the original Phoebe.

Lori Rom was actually cast as Phoebe originally, but she backed out after the pilot episode was shot. They had to cast Milano and reshoot the pilot before they could even think about going any further. We are glad that this happened because the show wouldn't have been the same without Milano.

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6. Reestablishing the "Power of 3."

When Shannen Doherty left the show, the writers were forced to kill off Prue. This posed a major problem as one of the show's major plot points was "the power of 3." And for that they needed for there to be three sisters. They had several big names audition for the part including: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Brown, Tiffani Thiessen, Soleil Moon Frye, Susan Ward and Eliza Dushku, but the part ended up going to Rose McGowan.


7. The Book of Shadows was hand painted, and one of the actresses was obsessed with it.

The Book of Shadows was one of the major focal points of the entire show. The Halliwell sister's grimoire was actually almost completely painted by hand, and Alyssa Milano was obsessed with the beauty of the piece of work.

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8. Charmed and Mrs. Doubtfire shared a common prop.

In the pilot episode of Charmed, Prue picks up a newspaper from the sidewalk with the headline "Police Doubt Fire Was Accidental." It is actually the same newspaper prop that was used in Mrs. Doubtfire that helped Robin Williams' character create his fake persona, they just changed a few words.

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9. Charmed continued on as a comic book.

The show may have finished its life on TV after season 8, but the story continued for another two seasons in comic book form. Season ten was published in October 2014.

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10. The show's creator left after season 2.

Constance M. Burge was the show's creator, but she left the show altogether after season two. She was angry that Phoebe was getting her own love interest storyline because she thought Piper and Leo's love plot was complicated enough. Executive Producer, Brad Kern forced the idea through and it pissed Burge off. She walked away and never returned.


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