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10 Fictional Teachers From Our Younger Years That We Would Have Loved To Have Had

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Whenever you would get your report cards at the end of the school year, it would always be a mad rush to see who was written in as your homeroom teacher for the following year. It would have a pretty decent impact on your summer, and on how enthusiastic you were going to be heading back to school in September.

We all had that one teacher who had a massive impact on who we were as students, and as people, but there were also those teachers who made us wish we were living in a fictional world, with a fictional teacher.

If you happened to have one of those terrible teachers, you always had the option to console yourself dreaming about having one of your favorite fictional teachers, teaching your class. With that being said, here are the 10 teachers fictional teachers we all wish we could have had.

1. Professor Jennings - Animal House

He even admitted that the material he was teaching his students was beyond boring. For that alone, he would have made an awesome teacher. Oh, and he would likely always be stoned in class, which would have made class discussions a lot more interesting.

2. Mrs. Jewls - Wayside School

Being the only "normal" teacher in Wayside School is enough to earn her way onto this list. At least she wasn't going to turn you into an apple.

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3. Mr. Hand - Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Mr. Hand was one tough S.O.B. He might have been a hard ass, but at least he was fair. I would have enjoyed his talent for puncturing pompous windbags.

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4. Miss Frizzle - The Magic School Bus

Taking a trip among the stars. Enough said.

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5. Miss Bliss - Saved by the Bell

Her ability to handle the ridiculous situations Zack and the crew would get into is worth more than their weight in gold. She would have been an awesome English teacher.

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6. Mr. Feeny - Boy Meets World

He may have come off as a bit of a hard-ass, but he definitely had a soft spot for his students. And honestly, to teach them the entire time they went through school shows real dedication.


7. Professor Keating - The Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams as Professor Keating was one of the more iconic roles in film history. Honestly, no one enjoyed English literature in school, but you add Keating to the mix and you have a recipe for awesomeness. Which one of us didn't want to take his class after watching him rip up the textbook?

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8. Miss McKay - Mighty Ducks 2

As one of the few people willing to stand up to Coach Bombay, she was even willing to fill in for him when he didn't show up to a game. Most importantly, she earned the respect of her charges, which is one of the harder things to do as a teacher. That alone makes me wish she had been one of my teachers growing up.

9. Miss Grotke - Recess

What a laid back lady. There was a good reason why Miss Grotke was the favorite teacher at Third Street School. She was so open to all avenues of learning, and it went a long way in having students attentive and engaged while in class.


10. Charles Xavier - X Men

It doesn't matter if we're talking about the comic books, the television show, or the early movies, Professor Xavier was a gangster. He truly knew how to get through to his students, and honestly, that campus he created was beyond cool. The only drawback would be that he can read minds, so good luck getting away with any shenanigans.

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If you could have any one of these teachers, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments.