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10 Facts About Supermarket Sweep That Might Change How You Feel About Your Favorite Game Show

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Supermarket Sweep was one of those game shows that you used to watch as a kid and just knew you could win. Obviously you would have the best strategy out of everyone and you would be able to win that $5000 no problem.


The most recent version has been off the air since 2003, but that doesn't mean people don't still miss it. Everyone remembers the general game play of the show, but how much do you actually know about what went on behind the scenes? Check out these 10 fascinating facts of this excellent game show!

1. All the meat was fake

Obviously one of the first things you should go for was the turkeys, but why were people able to lift them so easily? Because they were plastic. Apparently they didn't think that getting meat juices all over those iconic sweaters was the best idea so they went with plastic.

2. What wasn't fake was probably expired


While a lot of the groceries on the shelves were plastic there were quite a few that were real; Mostly the canned foods and other things that wouldn't smell bad. But just because they were real didn't mean that they were good to eat. Everything was reused over and over again so a lot of the foods were damaged or even expired.

3. You could keep the sweatshirt, but only if you lost

The consolation prize for losing the episode was that you got to keep the sweatshirt, which would totally be back in style right now anyways!

4. You only won the money if the episode aired


The episodes were sold individually, not as an entire season. That meant that some episodes would get filmed but never actually air. Contestants could have won episodes but never seen any money from it because the episode didn't sell. Bet you'd be okay with the sweatshirt then, huh?

5. Because of this, it would be a solid 6 months before you saw any money

The time between shoot and the time it took to go to air, you'd be waiting a long time before you'd see that check. But waiting for the check wasn't the only long wait that contestants faced...

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