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10 Books We Had To Read For School, And Absolutely Hated

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Over the years, public schools seem to have amassed a bunch of "classics" that they literally force every student to read every year, and most of the time the students are left with one simple question: "why?"

In the case of these 10 books, someone on the Throwbacks staff had to suffer through them at some point or another, and they have the horror stories to prove it.

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wylde


While the book is a literary classic, it's definitely not without its problems. One coworker was especially hateful, saying that "there was one section in the novel that listed off everything that Dorian Gray had collected. It was one of the most tedious and annoying aspects of a book I have ever read."

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald


The fact that Gatsby is kind of an annoying, rich prick is the point of the book. It still doesn't make me want to follow his exploits any more. It feels like the literary equivalent of watching the Kardashians.

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare


Let's get real for a second here folks: this isn't one of the Bard's finest plays. It's a story of two teenagers who want to have sex so badly that they get secretly married and ruin their families. It's a melodramatic story about two selfish brats, and I have no idea why schools teach this over actually interesting plays like Othello or Hamlet.

Fifth Business - Robertson Davies


I was lucky enough to not have to read this in school, but as one coworker described it, "I just remember something about a hairy baby and someone joining the circus. That was enough for me."

The books just get worse from here...

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