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10 Awkward TV Moments You Still Cringe At Years Later

Some moments that are televised stay in the minds of people forever: things like the moon landing, the Kennedy assassination, and the OJ Simpson trial have made history by being broadcast across the nation. However, in the case of these 10 clips, we mostly remember just how awkward we felt watching them.

When Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character sang "In My Country There Is A Problem."

When a reporter underestimated a flood.

When Ashlee Simpson got caught lip-syncing.

When a news anchor delivered one of the most savage burns in history.

The videos just get more awkward from here...

When Janet Jackson invented the term "wardrobe malfunction."

When this man's jetpack failed.

"And boom goes the dynamite."

When the news used the wrong footage.

When a reporter destroyed art made of Jenga blocks.

And of course, Kanye West.

What's the most awkward thing you've ever seen on TV?