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10 Albums Everybody Had In The 80s, Because They Were That Good

The 80s were indisputably the greatest decade in general for music. Pop music got bigger than it ever would be before or after, we had the advent of hair metal, R&B and hip-hop became more and more of a dominating force. Everything just seemed so massive.

A lot of classic 80s albums have held up today, and in particular, these 10 are ones that we're pretty sure everybody had.

Let's get the obvious out of the way: everybody had Thriller. It's literally the highest-selling album of all time.

Most bands would give up after the death of their lead singer, but instead, AC/DC released Back In Black. 'Nuff said.

Bruce Springsteen earned his nickname of "The Boss" with Born In The USA.

Guns N' Roses welcomed us to the jungle when Appetite For Destruction first released in 1989.

Even more classic albums came out in the 80s, keep reading to see which ones we all had!

Whitney's self-titled album is an absolute classic to this day.

You just know you listened to Phil Collins's No Jacket Required a ton.

Purple Rain the movie is just kinda okay. Purple Rain the ALBUM is a f***ing masterpiece.

Who doesn't love Dire Straits? Nobody, that's who, because Brothers In Arms sold amazingly well.

It truly was the decade of hair metal, because Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet got played at every single party.

Not to mention the fact that you couldn't go to any bar without hearing "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

What was your favorite album back in the 80s?