10 Things You Absolutely Did Every Time You Went Shopping With Your Parents

At one point or another, your parents had to bring you to the store. Whether you wanted to or not, your parents needed to get groceries, clothes or general house things that were a real pain in the butt for you.There were two type of kids, the ones that enjoyed going shopping and the ones who would rather do anything else. Some kids appreciated the giant playground that a store could be, while the rest were just dreading every second of it. If you ever went shopping with your parents chances are you remember at least one of these


20 Amazing Sitcom Dads You Secretly Wished Were Yours

Having a good dad is important when you are a kid. There is a lot of stuff that your dad (or surrogate dad) can teach you and it's important to acknowledge him properly. Because we all grew up watching way too much TV, we probably spent a fair amount of time with some fictional dads. Let's give some recognition to those TV dads who brought us so much joy over the years! There are a bunch of great dads, and some so-bad-they-are-good dads that we all grew up with who deserve as much praise as we can give them. Check

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10 Songs You Loved As A Kid But Your Parents Absolutely Hated

When you were a kid, no doubt that you were watching and rewatching the same shows and movies over and over. Kids love knowing what to expect I guess, because we are all guilty of it. Whatever the reason is that kids watch the same thing a thousand times is, it probably got REALLY annoying for our parents. They would set us up with a Disney classic or tune in to PBS and then cringe as they heard those same songs on repeat for hours and hours. YouTubeHow did they survive? I guess they just did their best to ignore