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20 Amazing Sitcom Dads You Secretly Wished Were Yours

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Having a good dad is important when you are a kid. There is a lot of stuff that your dad (or surrogate dad) can teach you and it's important to acknowledge him properly. Because we all grew up watching way too much TV, we probably spent a fair amount of time with some fictional dads.

Let's give some recognition to those TV dads who brought us so much joy over the years! There are a bunch of great dads, and some so-bad-they-are-good dads that we all grew up with who deserve as much praise as we can give them.

Check out this list to see if your favorite TV dad from your childhood made the cut!

1. Phillip Banks - Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Better known as Uncle Phil, but he was the best of the best as far as surrogate dads go. Sure, he was a perfect father to his four kids, but he also accepted Will as one of his own. Did they have their issues? Of course. But if you didn't sob when he comforted Will after his real dad left then I'm sorry to say you may not have a heart.


2. Tim Taylor - Home Improvement


So, Tim Allen may be a little more controversial now a days, but back in the 90s Tim Taylor was one of the coolest dads on TV. He taught his kids super fun car skills and did his best to make their lives better. Could he have tried to be a little more careful, sure, but not all of us can be graceful.


3. Danny Tanner - Full House


Sure, he had a lot of help, but Danny Tanner was still one of the best dads ever. No one could give a more heartwarming speech while violins playing in the background than this guy.

4. Hal - Malcolm in the Middle


He had a lot of kids to handle, and all of them were their own version of a handful. While his wife did most of the harsh disciplinary actions, he was still around and was such an interesting character. Not to mention, he was GREAT on roller skates.

5. Dan Conner - Rosanne


It's so great that he is going to be back for the reunion that is coming this fall. It just wouldn't be the same without him. Dan and Rosanne are one of those iconic pairs that TV that are just one of the best parenting pairs.

6. Steven Keaton - The Facts Of Life


Every TV sitcom needed a good dad, and Steven Keaton was excellent. He loved his son even though he had opposing views which is really the sign of a good parent!

7. Al Bundy - Married...With Children


Okay, so he may not have been perfect. He was a little crude, a little rude, and absolutely a lot to handle, but he was still providing for his children and there when they needed him.


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