10 Movies From The 80s That Will Make You Want To Put On Your Dancing Shoes Right Away

If there was one thing the 80s did well, it was music. They had countless hits that were constantly stuck in our heads, a bunch of one hit wonders that to this day are still pretty epic and honestly just timeless. GiphyLuckily, they decided to capitalize on the great tunes and make a bunch of movies that weren't necessarily musicals, but were as close as you could get without your characters breaking into song. Some would sing, but others would all just break into amazing choreographed dances that were WAY too complicated to have been made up on the spot.


20 Songs From The 80s That Never Fail To Get Stuck In Your Head

The 80s was a time of big hair, bright clothes and the best music. There were crazy fun pop hits, awesome rock songs and crazy synth music that was taking over everything. The most notable thing? All of these songs would get completely stuck in your head. GiphyYou would be having a perfectly normal day, but then you'd hear one of these songs and then the rest of your afternoon was spent singing and dancing to a song no one else could hear. Think you  can make it through this list without getting one of these stuck in your


The Backstreet Boys Were So Talented They Turned A Fart Into A Hit Song

I think it's fair to say that the Backstreet Boys are absolute stars. They have been around for 20 years now, and each and every time they pop into the news it's for something pretty wonderful.YouTubeThe backstreet boys have a whole bunch of hit songs, and countless hilariously amazing music videos but one of the most memorable is 'The Call'. The song came out as a single in February 2001 from the album Black & Blue, but only this year did we learn the true secrets behind it. backstreetboys.comThe music video is pretty intense, with all our favorite boys