The Story Behind The Saddest "Fresh Prince" Scene Is Not What You Think

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was one of our favorite shows while growing up in the 90s.

For six seasons, Will Smith and the rest of the hilarious cast made us laugh week after week with their shenanigans, but they also got our lives flipped-turned upside down whenever they addressed serious topics.

The show wasn't afraid to tackle issues like drugs, sex, drunk driving, sexism, racism, and violence to teach us an important lesson or two about life.

Some of the episodes even made us cry. Let's refresh our memories:

There was the time Uncle Phil told Will about the adversities he faced while growing up

That moment when Will got shot during an ATM robbery

And when he drove drunk then woke up in a cemetery

Oh, and the moment when Ashley and Hilary had a heart-to-heart

That time when Carlton had a near death experience after mistaking speed for vitamins

And of course the finale, when Will turns of the lights in the Banks' mansion for the last time

But nothing broke our hearts more than Will's dad leaving him for the second time.


"Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse," the 24th episode of the fourth season, is arguably the saddest moment of the entire series.

During the episode, Will reunites with his father, Lou, who was absent from his life for 14 years. The pair attempt to rebuild their relationship and even plan activities together, but when the time came for them to embark on their trip,  Lou bailed.

An emotional Will lets his frustration out in a conversation with Uncle Phil, but things got really sad when he finally breaks down in tears.

Recently, a rumor started to circulate that this scene wasn't scripted, and that Will Smith really lost it because his actual father was an absentee. Well, I hate to break it to you, but that's just not true.

So what's the real story behind the tear-jerking scene, you ask?

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