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It's Been Over 20 Years Since 'The Craft' Came Out, What Do Our Favorite Witches Look Like Now?

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The Craft is one of the most fun, cheesy movies about teenage witches of the 90s that we all loved. Fun fact; I had a friend whose ex not only insisted she was a witch, but that The Craft was a true story.

That was obviously nuts, but what isn't nuts is the fact that the people from this movie all went on to some pretty big things! Keep reading to find out what.

Breckin Meyer - Mitt

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Meyer had already appeared in Freddie's Dead: The Final Nightmare and Clueless before appearing in The Craft as everyone's favorite slacker Mitt. He went on to play plenty of other lovable slackers in movies like Road Trip and Rat Race, but has since stuck to TV acting and voiceover work for shows like King of the Hill and Robot Chicken.


Skeet Ulrich - Chris Hooker

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The 90s character actor with the single funniest name of all time, Skeet was The Craft's resident douchebag, and he played the character of Chris with aplomb. He's actually still acting today, having played major characters on Jericho, Robot Chicken, and most recently, Riverdale.

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Christine Taylor - Laura Lizzie

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The mean-spirited villain of the movie Taylor was infinitely hateable as Laura. She soon went on to much bigger things, starring in massive Hollywood comedies like Zoolander and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, often opposite her longtime husband, Ben Stiller.


But enough about the "normal" people, right? You wanna hear about the witches...

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