11 TV Shows From The '80s You Definitely Forgot Even Though You Always Watched Them

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The 1980s wasn't the greatest decade when it came to television entertainment. Sure, we had a few great movies hit the big screen in the 80s, but when it came to TV the attempts at attracting an audience fell severely flat. It wasn't for a lack of trying, dozens of shows bombed during the decade. Here are 11 that just fell a little bit harder than the others.

1. Slim Goodbody's Inside Story

John Burnstein played Slim Goodbody on this PBS show. Slim Goodbody was originally the "superhero of health" on a few morning news shows. The character hit its peak in the 80s but that creepy anatomy suit was more likely to scare children than educate them.  

Word is that Burnstein still appears as Slim Goodbody (anatomy suit and all) at schools and hospitals. Hang it up man, the 80s are dead.

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2. The Powers of Matthew Star

The concept behind this show of an alien prince hiding out in society as a normal high school student had some merit. We have even seen it replicated in books and movies since (Animorphs etc) but apart from the idea the show was a bust. The special effects were ahead of their time, but unfortunately actor Peter Barton was scorched by flame in a pyrotechnics blast gone wrong.

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3. Voyagers!

Anytime you see an exclamation point on the end of a title you should be wary of the quality of the product. A poor man's Quantum Leap, the main characters use a magic pocket watch in order to jump through time and visit different periods throughout history. One word to describe this show, terrible, it wasn't worth the time it took to change the channel.  

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4. She's The Sheriff

Well ahead of its time in regards to gender equality, but not much else can be said about this show. Suzanne Somers stars as the woman who takes over as sheriff in a small Nevada town after her husband passes away. This show has the great distinction of being named to TV Guide's "50 Worst Shows Of All Time".


5. It's Your Move

This is one of those shows that actually had a spark of quality to it, but due to scheduling conflicts (airing at the same time as Dynasty) no one really gave it a chance to succeed. Jason Bateman stars as a teenage hustler who came up with a new scheme each week.

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