We Watched Them After School Every Day, But Where's The Cast of "Ghostwriter" 20 Years Later?

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If you loved turning on the TV when you got home from school and pretending you were a detective, you probably loved watching Ghostwriter as much as I did.

On the air from 1992-1995, this was a staple for many of us, who read far too many Nancy Drew novels. The 74 episodes had us thinking like true detectives and wishing we had an invisible friend to solve crimes with as well.

The invisible Ghostwriter, communicated with the team of teenagers by manipulating letters on signs, in books and on computer screens. With his help, they were able to solve mysteries.

So where did these teens end up more than 20 years later?

Blaze Berdahl played Lenni Frazier

You remember the free-spirited latchkey kid, Lenni who lived with her musician dad in a loft? She was the kid we all wanted to be!

She made her debut in the 1989 Stephen King movie, Pet Sematary.

After her role on Ghostwriter, Berdahl graduated from Bucknell University in 2002 with a double major in economics and political science. Since she has done some voice acting work.

In 2007 she got married.

Sheldon Turnipseed played Jamal Jenkins

With a bare Wikipedia page, Sheldon has dropped off the face of the internet. Even though he was able to crack the case on screen, we can't seem to crack the particular case of his whereabouts. Rumor has it attended NYU in 2002, but who knows, maybe he is still in hiding as a result of his fashion choices in the early 90's.

Mayteana Morales played Gaby Fernandez

Mayteana played Alex's younger sister Gaby and their family owned the bodega.

On the show for two seasons, Mayteana unexpectedly left the show and was replaced at the beginning of the third season by actress Melissa Gonzalez.

Mayteana now performs with her husband, Felix Slim in a music duo called Lucky Lokos.

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