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The Board Game 'Clue' Has Officially 'Killed Off' One Of Its Famous Suspects

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There are some board games that were just completely necessary to our childhoods. Monopoly, Life, and Candy Land are basically taught to us as soon as we old enough, and they remain one of the go-to activities when we're bored. Arguably the best game to play was Clue. It was faster then Monopoly, more involved then Life, and a way better story line then Candy Land.

The game had a dark premise, sure, but finding the murderer of Samuel Black made you feel like a super cool detective and we all loved it. Clue came out in 1949, and while it has had a few design changes over the years it has remained mostly the same. But for the first time in nearly 70 years the game is changing.


The characters have been the same since 1949. Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green and of course Mrs. White. We all had our favorites, personally I always played as Mrs. White. There was a CD-ROM game that came in a cereal box in the 90s that turned Clue into a video game, and when you played as Mrs. White the narrator would say the name in the best accent ever. It was always, "Mrs. Wh-ITE, it is now your turn" and so I started playing as her all the time. Well, that won't be possible anymore because the game has taken out the best character!

They say that their new replacement will be just as good, but this is what we know her so far...

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