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8 Shows From Our Childhood That We Didn't Realize Were Groundbreaking At The Time

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I'm going to come right out and say it, the 90s were the golden age of television. It's the decade when we started pushing and challenging social norms. From introducing sex on television, to gender and social issues, the 90s was a time to rethink what we defined as 'normal'.

Without the early 'girl power' vibes from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the hilarity of every day life from Seinfeld, I wonder where television would be today if we never d these shows.

Some of them were ahead of themselves in format, some in the openness of their content, while others focused on the audience they were aiming for.  

1. Who's The Boss

While it may have started in the 80s, Who's The Boss really started to break ground in the 90s when Tony Micelli, played by Toni Danza, married his employer Angela Bower, played by Judith Light, and continued to stay home with the kids as a stay-at-home dad. How many stay-at-home dads did you know in the 90s?

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Airing in 1998, this was the ultimate show for girl power in the 90s. Watching Sarah Michelle Geller kick monster butt was one of the most empowering things for female teens of the decade. It's still hard to find a great show like this, where the female lead really takes charge.

3. Murphy Brown

People of the 90s collectively lost their minds when Murphy Brown got pregnant out of wedlock, and her baby's daddy decided that he wasn't up for fathering a child. Choosing to keep the baby, Brown made quite the splash, even in politics. Forcing open the envelope in the world of television and helping to focus the importance of family diversity.

4. My So-Called Life

Many claim that the high school experience was never captured as well as it was in the short-lived teenage drama, My So-Called Life. Launching the careers of many actors, it struck a nerve with many fans that were experiencing similar issues.

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