The Board Game 'Clue' Has Officially 'Killed Off' One Of Its Famous Suspects

There are some board games that were just completely necessary to our childhoods. Monopoly, Life, and Candy Land are basically taught to us as soon as we old enough, and they remain one of the go-to activities when we're bored. Arguably the best game to play was Clue. It was faster then Monopoly, more involved then Life, and a way better story line then Candy Land. The game had a dark premise, sure, but finding the murderer of Samuel Black made you feel like a super cool detective and we all loved it. Clue came out in 1949, and while


11 Things That Almost Happened In Your Favorite Disney Movie That Would Have Changed Everything

Disney's animated movies aren't perfect, but when we were kids they were the next best thing. But even these movie masterpieces had some questionable rough drafts. See how you would have reacted to these 11 weird changes that came this close to happening:1. Lady and the Tramp walk their "pets"Walt Disney PicturesLady and the Tramp had some classic scenes, including the famous "spaghetti kiss," but it's plain to see why this one wound up on the cutting room floor. Tramp imagines dogs "turning the tables" on their owners with a scene of dogs "walking" their human pets in


10 Awful Things About Watching Television That We Actually Kinda Miss

Watching TV was the best escape for most kids. You got to forget about homework and those grueling daily chores and chill out with some cartoons. GiphyThe way people watch TV now has changed a lot even in the short time since we were kids. These 10 things will remind you how we used to do it! Adjusting the antennae or "bunny ears" to get better receptionjoechin92Having to actually watch commercials and knowing all the jinglesYouTubeHonestly, sometimes you would look forward to the commercials because that's where you found out about the new toys! GiphyYou would have a physical copy