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Bob Ross Painted Thousands of Pictures, But This One Had A Special Message

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Bob Ross was the type of television personality that actually made you feel good when you watched him.


It wasn't some crazy drama you needed to follow, or elaborate plot that would change and evolve, it was just a calming half hour of television that would help you learn how to paint.


People loved this show. Bob Ross' calming tones were basically the best thing you could watch when you needed something comforting, and his painting skills were on a whole different level. The things he could do within 30 minutes was nothing short of incredible.


He had fans all over the country, some of them were painters who used his show on PBS as a tutorial, while others were just people who needed something to watch. How many of you remember watching his show when you were home sick from school?


Bob Ross did a lot of events and tours where he got to go out and meet his fans. He used these experiences to help decide what to paint along with his own life experiences out in the world.


His life is super interesting, but there was one moment that stood out above the rest that really proved not only how talented he was, but how kind of a person he was. While he had fun with his work, he made sure that it felt inclusive for everyone, even if that fan was colorblind.

He actually dedicated an entire episode to one fan who couldn't see colors, and changed how he painted just for him!

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