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Has The Cast Of 'The Outsiders' Managed To "Stay Gold" Since 1983

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Trying to assemble a cast like that of The Outsiders is nearly impossible. The fact that they managed to cast all these actors who would go on to be enormous stars was not only incredibly lucky, but truly unique.

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The stars of The Outsiders are basically all huge A-list actors now, and it's interesting to look back at where they started. Let's see how far all of these 'Greasers' have come since starring in this hit film.

C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis

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The role of Ponyboy was only his second big movie part. He had also starred in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial as Tyler, but now his career really began to take off. He was in a bunch of other movies in the 80s including Red Dawn, The Return of the Musketeers, and Soul Man. He continued to be busy through the 90s as well, but more recently in the show Southland, Criminal Minds, and Stichers.

Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston

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Matt Dillon has become a pretty big star after The Outsiders helped launch his career. He stared in Drugstore Cowboy, Wild Things, and There's Something About Mary. Recently he has been in the show Wayward Pines and the movie Going in Style.

Ralph Macchio - Johnny Cade

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After getting his start on Eight is Enough, his career started to move quickly. One year after getting the part in The Outsiders he went on to become The Karate Kid. While his career didn't explode quite as intensely as some of his other costars, he has still been super successful. He was in Ugly Betty, Psych, and The Deuce.

Patrick Swayze - Darrel Curtis

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Patrick Swayze needs no introduction because he is just so well known. The star went on to make a bunch of classic movies that we all still love to this day, including Dirty Dancing, Ghost, and  Road House. Unfortunately he passed away in 2009 after his battle with pancreatic cancer.

What about the rest of the Greasers?

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