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7 Things That Prove Freddie Mercury Is The Champion

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Freddie Mercury is a legend. It seems like everything that he did in his career is completely timeless and will live on forever. His style, talent and personality made such an impact that he is still relevant to this day. But how much do you really know about the icon?

While everyone seems to know his name, it seems like there is a lot that people don't know about him. Let's remind you of some of the reasons why we all love Freddie Mercury so much!

He loved his cats A LOT

Mercury would actually call home while he was away on tour to talk to his cats. He also had portraits painted of them to hang in his house.

He designed the Queen crest

The band has a crest as their logo, and it turns out it was actually created by the front man himself! He actually attended London's Ealing Art College, so he used his skills to create something new and unique. The elements of the shield represent the zodiac signs for the band members: Two lions to represent John Deacon and Roger Taylor (Leo), a crab for Brian May (Cancer), and then Mercury used two fairies to represent himself.

He performed with the Royal Ballet Company

He might have been known for his dance moves on stage, but the Royal Ballet Company wanted to take that a step further by recruiting him to perform with them. They asked him to come for a charity performance, but that didn't mean they went easy on him. He said, "They had me practicing at the barre and all that, stretching my legs ... trying to do things in a week that they'd been doing for years. It was murder. After two days I was in agony. It was hurting me in places I didn't know I had, dear."

He wrote one of the band's biggest songs in the bathtub

He came up with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" while he was taking a bath. He went for an Elvis-inspired sound on the guitar which he claims he "can't play". He says that the restriction of his abilities helped him write a good song.

Freddie Mercury lived an exciting life and knew a lot of interesting people, including Princess Diana...

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