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6 Movies That Caused A Lot Of Trouble When They Were Released

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Movies are supposed to entertain you. They are also supposed to elicit an emotional reaction out of you, whether it be: happiness, sadness, fear, joy, anger, contempt or any number of others. That's the great thing about movies and television, you can essentially do whatever you want because you are just telling stories, that is unless you do something that gets the masses up in arms over what you have created.

Some movies are hit the big screen to such controversy that they actually inspired protests. Some were even banned in certain countries because they were deemed to be far violent or obscene to be for mass consumption.

Here are 6 of the most controversial movies of all time.

1. Song of the South

No controversial movie list would be complete without at least one submission by Disney. You may have never seen this movie, but you have for sure heard the song that has engrained itself in pop-culture: Zip a dee doo dah. This movie was deemed to be racist and offensive, as it portrayed African-Americans with heavy stereotypes, specifically with Uncle Remus as a jolly, happy, simple former slave. Disney has never released the film as a home movie.

2. Life of Brian

Monty Python has always been good for some laughs. Their brand of sketch comedy has made them a household name across North America. It is a completely satirical version about the life of Jesus Christ. They frame "Brian of Nazareth" as a normal dude who just happened to be born on Christmas. He is then accidentally named as the coming Messiah, and ends up being the person who is crucified by the Romans. You can imagine why it was deemed so controversial.  

Father Son Holy Gore

3. Last House on the Left (Original)

I saw part of the remake of this movie and I had to turn it off not long after it started. This violent movie filled with scenes depicting violent rape and any number of other vile acts was deemed to be too hardcore for audiences, and I will tell you this, I happen to agree with them. Britain deemed it to be so bad that they ordered all VHS copies in England to be seized by police. One of the actors even stated that he wished that the movie was banned internationally.

Cinematic Shocks

Have you seen any of these? Keep reading to see what else had people shaking their heads.

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