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The True Story Behind "The Sound of Music" Is Even Better Than Whiskers On Kittens

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When Julie Andrews brought the sound of music down from the mountains and into our hearts, she brought with it a love for the real-life von Trapp family, who the story was based on.

The movie follows the autobiography of the real Maria von Trapp, who was a nun that became a part of an Austrian family before the Nazi occupation in World War II. The film accurately portrays a lot about their lives and demeanor, but in Maria's published memoirs (that the film was based on) it is easy to see how much becomes simple Hollywood figment.

Here are some facts to impress your family in movie arguments and will even solve some problems like Maria!

"Do you like children, Maria?"

While Julie Andrews nailed the reaction most people would have if they were told that they now have to look after seven unruly children, this wasn't quite the case she was up against. There were actually ten!

Luckily, the real Maria only had to look after one of the girls originally, tutoring her as she recovered from scarlet fever.

"You brought music back into the house..."

Well, not quite. As it turns out, the von Trapps had a musical history already. I mean you have nearly a dozen kids and you think you can keep them from humming the occasional tune?

Maria did in fact teach the family a lot about music in the form of gospel songs, and practiced with them for the performances they would later put on.

"When the Lord closes the door..."

Georg von Trapp, the father, really wasn't the cold-hearted man the video portrays him as. In fact, he spent a lot of time with his kids, and played music with them.

But this wasn't always enough. In her memoirs, Maria explains that she wasn't immediately drawn to Georg, and when he asked her to marry him, she said yes just to make sure she would stay with the children.

This wasn't even the most revealing thing about Maria though, who wasn't exactly who we thought she was.

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