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25 Things You Can Buy If You Wish It Was Still The '80s

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Here today, gone tomorrow, that's what our childhoods felt like. If you're feeling nostalgic for your younger days (and we know you are) maybe some retail therapy is in order. These 25 products make for great gift ideas, or a perfectly self-indulgent pick-me-up.

1. Nagel The Book

Everything old is new again. This artist's cover for Duran Duran's album Rio made him an '80s icon, and the rest of his work in this art book is just as mesmerizing.

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2. Mix Tape Memory Stick

Remember making mix tapes to impress your crush? Curating a list of songs was fun, but this product gives it a 21st century twist. The 1GB memory stick holds 900 hours of music, and comes in a cassette-shaped case that you can scribble on.

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3. John Hughes Yearbook Collection

Nobody spoke to teenage audiences better than this '80s movie maestro. This collection includes his biggest hits: Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science.

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4. Rubik's Cube

Over the years, toy makers have tried to improve on this devious puzzle by adding more sides, flashing lights and other doo-dahs. All you really need is the classic puzzle and a few hours (or days) to figure it out.

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5. Animation Cels

These pieces of TV memorabilia are for true cartoon fans. Each one is an actual hand-drawn character or scene from your favorite show. And there's lots to choose from, since it takes so many cells to make a single episode.

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6. Lisa Frank Stickers

Yes, everyone's favorite cheery, pink brand is back (in fact, they never really went anywhere). You can still get clothes, blankets, stationary and a whole lot more with Lisa Frank designs on them, but the stickers will always be our favorite.

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7. Reebok Pumps

If you showed up on the basketball court in the '80s with anything but Pumps, you would get laughed off the court. These iconic shoes are due for a comeback, so grab a pair in your size.

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8. Muppet Babies Cereal Fridge Magnet

The definition of a "conversation piece," this magnet is cheap, quirky and fun. Guaranteed to remind you of Saturday mornings every time you open the fridge.

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9. View-Master

Remember this toy? Originally it let you flip through pictures on a sliding wheel, but the new version uses QR codes and immersive 3D virtual reality. How's that for an upgrade?

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10. Lite Brite

It wasn't exactly a toy, more like a fun high tech art project. The new version is all the fun of the original, and you can even order a replacement for all those lights you've misplaced through the years.

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11. Radical '80s Pins

They're flair you can wear, and the perfect way to represent your favorite '80s bands.

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12. iCade iPad Cabinet

For those days when Candy Crush just doesn't scratch your retro gaming itch. This faux arcade cabinet comes pre-loaded with games, and you can download extras through the iCade app.

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There are even cooler gift ideas at the end of this list...

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