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"You Can't Do That On Television" Was The Peak Of 80s TV And Here's Why

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There was nothing quite like it when it aired back in the early 80s, and I doubt there ever will be again. You Can't Do That on Television was an instant classic if you grew up watching it and fostered a love of sketch comedy shows that came after it.

Looking back, the show holds up really well. Sure, it was aimed at children, but there was something about it's zany out-of-the-box scenes and star-studded characters that kept us coming back for more.

The crazy opening animations were probably what we all remember most. They were kind of creepy to be honest, looking like cut and paste animations jumping about on the screen. And then when the face just shatters? *Shivers*

The show was new to the cable network Nickelodeon at the time, but it quickly rose in popularity for the hip young audience they were trying to reach (that's us).

It's no wonder. The show was filled with hilarious antics that made us laugh out loud and recurring inside jokes we all became accustomed to. Remember Barth's burger joint?

But of course, there was that one thing they did that we all imagined happening to us at one point, whether we liked it or not!

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