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Celebrate 20 Years Of Backstreet Boys With Their 20 Best Songs

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Everyone is going to have their own list of which Backstreet Boys songs are the best, because honestly they are all amazing.

Their first album came out on August 12th, 1997 which means that everyone's favorite boy band is now officially 20 years old! Hard to believe that these epic pop stars have been around for so long, but they continue to sing together in Vegas shows and cruise ships, and we are very grateful.

They continue to put out music, but for a lot of us the first few albums, Backstreet Boys, Backstreets Back, Millennium, and Black & Blue were pretty much the definitive collection.

We could probably sing every one of these 20 songs off by heart to this day. See if you agree with this list of their 20 best songs!


20. Boys Will Be Boys

The song is not really the best message-wise, but it's guaranteed to make you want to dance.

19. The One

Their third album had a bunch of awesome hits including this sweet and upbeat song that will just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

18. Don't Want You Back

It's impossible to sit still when this song starts playing. It will literally force you to dance, I can almost guarantee it.

17. Roll With It

If you ever need a song to help you chill out this is the one you should turn to. You may not have thought that the Backstreet Boys would be who to turn to, but seriously listen to it and you'll see!

16. That's The Way I Like It

They had so many great songs on their CDs that didn't necessarily become singles but they are so good. Before they wanted it 'that way' they let us know exactly 'the way I like it."

15. It's Gotta Be You

I feel like no one does love songs better than BSB. Because not only do they have those epic ballads, but they have these super amazing dance-tunes that still have such sweet lyrics!

14. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

Millennium had a bunch of super great slow jams that will give you all the feelings. The music video for this song is pretty intense!

13. The Call

While the plot of the song isn't the most moral thing, it's still an amazing song that is impossible not to love.

12. Just To Be Close To You

The beginning of this song always makes me so happy. It seems like no one has heard it, but EVERYONE should listen to it. It's such a sweet and lovely song and the begging is so hilarious that the whole thing is just perfect.

11. Anywhere For You

If you went to a wedding in the 90s, it's basically a guarantee that this song played and you know what, you loved it EVERY TIME.

We're getting to the top 10! Click to the next page to see the best of the best!

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