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10 Songs That Prove It Was Just One Man's Music That Defined The '90s

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Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool is one of the most talented musicians in rock music, as well as one of the weirdest. Between playing bass and banjo for his band Primus, as well as his numerous strange side projects, the man has a musical legacy plenty of musicians would kill for. We love his stuff, and here's 10 reasons you should too.

Primus - John The Fisherman

The song that brought Primus to the attention of the world thanks to its catchy riff and really weird video.

The South Park Theme Song

That's right, that twangy banjo and southern drawl that accompanies every episode of the hit cartoon show is all Claypool. It's probably his most recognizable song.

Primus - My Name Is Mud

After Fizzle Fry established them in the mainstream, Primus lead the release of their Pork Soda album with this bit of catchy weirdness.

The Robot Chicken Theme Song

Sure it's not the catchiest theme, but it still manages to get stuck in your head the same way the rest of his songs do.

Keep reading for his awesome guest appearances...

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