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10 'Happy Days' Facts That Will Make You Say 'Ayyy'

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For 11 seasons, Happy Days brought smiles to television screens across the nation.

The sitcom followed the Cunninghams, a middle-class family, and their trials and tribulations in Milwaukee, set in the mid-50s era. It became one of the biggest hits in television history, and is still iconic to this day.

From 1974 to 1984, Happy Days helped revolutionize TV programming, while teaching the nation valuable life lessons and giving plenty of laughs.

If you're curious about what went behind the scenes of your favorite series, here are 10 facts that will make you join Fonzie in saying "ayyy."

1. Happy Days almost had a different title

Before producer Carl Kleinschmitt came up with the title, Happy Days, show creators wanted to name the series Cool. However, a test audience said it reminded them of cigarettes, and the original name was scrapped.

Kleinschmitt came up with the new name and said, “How about calling it Happy Days? That’s what we’re going to show.”

2. The series was supposed to be set in the 1920s

While we can't picture Happy Days set in any other era, Paramount executives wanted creator Gary Marshall's sitcom set in the 1920s or 30s. Marshall we rebuked the idea and said he knew nothing about those decades, but had a good grasp of the 1950s.

His initial pilot wasn't picked up, but Happy Days quickly followed.

3. There was a short-lived, animated spin off of Happy Days

When the show was at its height of popularity, show creators decided to make an animated spin off series titled Fonz and the Happy Days Gang. It was a science fiction comedy, and was only on air for two seasons.

4. Ron Howard joined the cast to avoid being conscripted into the Vietnam War

After appearing on hit shows like, The Andy Griffith Show and The Smith Family, Ron Howard wanted to take a break from acting, and go to college to become a director. Unfortunately, this was during the time of the Vietnam War and he had a low draft number.

Since conscription no longer omitted student deferments to college students, he decided to get a work deferment, thus joining the Happy Days cast.

5. Anson Williams sang the songs on the jukebox

Instead of paying royalties to acquire hits from the 1950s, producers decided to get free tunes from Anson Williams after hearing him sing. His musical talents were even written into the script.

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