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We Can Tell You Which 90s Teen Heartthrob Would Have Been Your Soulmate Based On Your Zodiac

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Falling in love with a teen heartthrob in the 90s was a right of passage. We all did it. We all had that one star who made our hearts flutter as we clumsily tumbled into puberty. Though we shared a lot of crushes with our friends, it turns out that your zodiac sign could indicate which one would have been your soulmate.

Sure, the 90s may be over and we no longer have Teen Beat Magazines plastered all over our walls, but it's still fun to imagine which of your former favorite heartthrobs should have been your one true love.

Aries: Leonardo DiCaprio

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You are ambitious and driven, so you need someone who can keep up with you. The best match for you would be Leonardo DiCaprio. He's always up for a challenge, but he'd also be supportive of your goals.

Taurus: Joseph Gordon Levitt


You are stubborn and persistent with a lot of creative ideas to the problems you see in the world, so you need someone who can help you solve them. Don't worry, you've got Joseph Gordon Levitt on your side and he's going to be able to help you save the world.

Gemini: Rider Strong


You are so clever and funny that you need to have someone who can hold their own. Rider Strong is your teen heartthrob, because his charisma (and that hair) is all your really need in a crush.

Cancer: Jared Leto


You need to feel like you are taking care of someone, and for that reason, Jared Leto is your best choice. He needs all the love and support that you have to offer, and can appreciate all the things you do for him.

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