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11 Viral Songs We Knew All The Words To Long Before YouTube Was A Thing (And Probably Still Know Now)

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Growing up when the internet was just starting to get good was definitely an interesting time. Things were a heck of a lot different then they are now. We didn't have YouTube or Facebook to share these things, so you had to either forward it in an email or send it on MSN messenger.

Even though the methods of sharing weren't that plentiful, there still managed to be a bunch of viral songs that we all knew whether we wanted to or not. No matter how many times we saw them, they seemed to become embedded in our memories and probably still are today. Luckily they have all been transferred onto YouTube now, so we can still watch them!

How many of these do you recognize?

1. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

You might think that a video that contains nothing but a dancing banana would be boring and forgettable, but it's been over a decade and people are still singing it.

2. Trogdor

Trogdor was one of the greatest Strong Bad email episodes ever, and it still will get stuck in your head to this day. Strong Bad was too good to pick only one, so here's a bonus.

Bonus: Techno Song

If you claim you don't remember singing all the different parts with your friends you are lying.

3. Oogachaka Baby

Everyone remembers getting this video sent to them, it was so popular that it even made its way into Ally McBeal. That's pretty insane if you think about what it is.

4. Potter Puppet Pals: Mysterious Ticking Noise

Even if you didn't like the Harry Potter franchise, you could absolutely get on board with these ridiculous videos. This song still pops into my head every time I talking about Snape, Snape, Severus Snape, DUMBLEDORE!

5. Llama Song

It doesn't make and sense, and that's perfectly okay. Don't bother trying to explain it because no one ever will. Llama, Llama, Duck.

6. Badger Badger Badger

A seemingly infinite loop of Badgers will keep you entertained for roughly 15 seconds, and then you'll be a little bit annoyed that it's stuck in your head. Thought you could forget about it didn't you?

Those aren't the only videos you'll remember watching...

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