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We've All Heard The Urban Legend Behind This Photo, But It's Not Even True

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Esquire recently wrote an article about this story, so stop me if you've heard this before;

"On Halloween night 1974, Timothy O'Bryan, an eight-year-old boy from Texas, dressed up in a Planet of the Apes costume, and, along with his sister and a number of neighborhood children, went out trick-or-treating.

It was raining that night, so the trip did not last long, but before the night was finished, the boy would end up convulsing over the toilet, weeping, as his father held him in his arms. O'Bryan, an autopsy later revealed, had died from a fatal dose of potassium cyanide that was delivered in a tainted Pixy Stick."

Midnight Society

It's a case that always pops back up around Halloween. The death launched an investigation into the poisoning of Halloween candy by "The Candy Man," who appeared to be targeting trick-or-treaters for murder.


The story has caused panic among parents for decades, who worry about their kids receiving something that could prove harmful. It often comes accompanied with that photo, reminding us of the life that was lost thanks to the Candy Man.

Brad Searles

The only problem is? That picture isn't even of anyone named Timothy O'Bryan.

The real details of the photo are much less scary than you thought...

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