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Top 10 IT Companies in Canada to Work for in 2021

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

We’ve just started the new year, and as has always been the norm, many of us have resolutions, goals and targets of things that we want to achieve. For a lot of people, getting a job or switching to a new company with a better workplace environment is often on our to-do lists. If you are in IT or you’d like to work with an IT company in Canada, then today we are going to point you in the direction of the best companies in that sector.

For the most comprehensive breakdown of our shortlist today, we had to sift through actual experiences by people who work in IT companies in Canada. We dug for the information on Glassdoor, the global leader on work-related insights, and first-hand feedback from current and former employees of companies.

In fact, Glassdoor itself recently announced the winners of its Annual Employees Choice Awards, to celebrate some of the best employers across Canada. Glassdoor’s most recent list consists of various companies within the healthcare, retail, telecommunications, and even the best online casino gaming software suppliers. For IT professionals and anyone interested in working for an IT company, here are your top 10 choices for 2021:

1. Google

The best-ranked on the list is Google. Thanks to its collaborative surroundings, excellent technology and satisfactory salaries among numerous other factors, the company has glowing reviews from current and former employees. Over 90% of the 17,000 staffers who have shared their thoughts on Glassdoor say they would happily recommend Google to a friend, and 94% are impressed by the leadership of CEO Sundar Pichai.

2. Microsoft

From comments of about 29,000 past and present employees of Microsoft, 90% gave the company a thumbs up, owing to incredibly flexible work management and supportive work culture. Besides, 98% approve of the CEO Satya Nadela’s work ethic and leadership style.

If you are a gamer, then you’ll particularly like Microsoft as it also offers cloud services to iGaming companies and is the parent company behind incredible video games like Halo, Forza, Fallout: New Vegas, and many more!

3. Apple

Apple is the third most desirable company to work for in Canada, and of course, the reputation of its products precedes it. From the 20,000 current and former workers who reviewed the company on Glassdoor, around 85% liked working there, and 94% are impressed by Tim Cook’s performance as the CEO.

4. Sage

From the 2,800 workers who reviewed Sage on the platform, 86% of them agree that it is a great employer, whereas 95% say they support Steve Hare, the CEO. Sage offers software solutions to streamline HR, accounting, assets, payments, real estate, construction and enterprise systems.

5. SAP

There are 18,000 reviews from SAP employees at Glassdoor, and 95% like its culture, people, products and working environment. The company itself is a market leader in business application software that offers products such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and advanced analytics technologies.

6. Salesforce

Labelled by nearly all of its personnel as a well-rounded employer, Salesforce is a cloud-based software firm headquartered in California, America. More than 90% of employees rally behind CEO Marc Benioff and described the workplace as pleasurable, simple and cooperative.

7. Ericsson-Worldwide

From the 12,000 workers who reviewed Ericsson-Worldwide at Glassdoor, 83% are happy with their experience there, and 94% are impressed by how CEO Börje Ekholm runs things. Ericsson is one of the top suppliers of IT to service providers, cutting across digital services, networks and emerging industries that are driven by the 5G network and IoT platforms.

8. Accenture

Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 tech firm offering professional services in strategy, digital, consultation, technology and operations to customers spanning over 100 countries. The company ranked number 16 on Glassdoor’s list of best Canadian companies to work for in 2021 and has also been named as the Greater Toronto’s (GTA) Top Employers in 2021 for the 10th successive time!

9. Infosys

Around 49,000 employees have left a review on Infosys on Glassdoor, and 78% of them liked the workplace, whereas 89% approve of the CEO Salil S. Parekh’s managerial style. Infosys offers business consulting, IT and subcontracting services to a clientele network in over 40 countries.

10. Intuit

Intuit is a business and financial software provider based in the United States, with offices in Canada too. The company creates and sells monetary, accounting and tax preparation software and associated services for small and medium-sized enterprises and course accountants. Virtually all of its 6,000 employees who reviewed the company described it as a company with a solid work ethic that is respectful to a healthy work-life balance.

That’s it! The 10 top technology companies from across Canada that are worth keeping an eye on, particularly if you’re looking for a satisfying work atmosphere. Which of these companies do you think you’d pick?