Throwbacks: Ethics and Guidelines

Throwbacks: Guidelines and Ethics  

Throwbacks will never let the best years of our lives go. The world is constantly changing, but we are dedicated to holding on to the best of the 70s/80s/90s and even the early 00s. We will only write about things people from those times will actually remember and more importantly want to read.

Our number one goal is to improve the lives of our audiences. We ensure that by asking three questions before publishing something.

1.      Does this interest the reader?

First and foremost, anything we write on Throwbacks must be of interest to our audience in some way. Sometimes that's a good oldfashioned Remeber When type article, or maybe there's been some recent news about something we used to love. We cover a wide range of things that have to do with those of us stuck in the best time, but everything we write will be relevant to our nostalgia.

2.      Is it legitimate?

This is the most important question we ask ourselves. We research and double-check everything we put on our site. We will never include content from sources we don't absolutely trust, and that means you can be sure any product or service we promote is safe and official.

We often link to other websites, but we will only ever link to websites that can be trusted and are from legitimate sources. We will never link to a site that has content we wouldn’t publish ourselves.

3.      Did we properly explain it?

Only once we feel that the content is accurate will we begin writing. We pride ourselves on our conversational writing style, but we always strive to make sure we are as clear as can be. Sadly, the internet can be a scary place, but we want you to feel like you’re among friends. We will earn your trust by being clear, honest and upfront about everything we write.

After asking these three questions we will rigorously edit the article. We have a talented team of writers and editors who are committed to bringing beneficial products and services to the audience.

While we always work to keep these values, we are human and can make mistakes. We take responsibility for those and welcome any feedback, criticism or advice from our audience.

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