14 Things Every 90s Kid Did On The Weekend

Weekends as a 90s kid were amazing.

There were no shows to binge-watch, no phones to sit on, no tweets to Twitter.

All you had to do was be a kid. Sure, you probably did the same thing every weekend, but that doesn't mean you didn't have the time of your life!

Here are some classic things we all did as 90s kids on the weekend. See if you remember any of them!

1. Head home right away to watch TGIF TV

Because if you didn't see that episode of Full House, you were going have to wait until the summer when they did repeats.

2. Sleeping so late your parents thought you were dead.

"Hey, hi, good morning! just making sure you're still alive and not smothered by your pillow!"

3. Saturday Morning Cartoons

Nothing beats waking up at 7am, shuffling into the TV room with your favorite blanket, eating some sugary cereal, and watching the best cartoons TV had to offer.

4. Eggo Waffles

If every square didn't contain 5 tablespoons of syrup, you weren't doing it right.

5. Staying in your pajamas all day.

The only time you changed was if you were going to the park. And even that was iffy.

6. Hanging Out With The Neighbors (or at least the ones with good gaming systems

If it takes all Saturday to beat rainbow road on 150cc, then so be it.

7. Staying outside until the street lights came on.

Imagine kids playing outside now? You'd know where there's wi-fi because kids would be sitting on top of each other to access it.

8. Having sleepovers with your best friends

Basically an excuse to eat crap food, gossip all night, and literally never sleep.

9. Staying up at night to watch Nick At Night

I am not ashamed to admit I had a huge crush on literally every boy on Happy Days.

10. Do a mass clean-out of your room.

"It'll stay clean for the entire WEEK this time!" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

11. Eat the good snacks

For some reason, parents didn't care about your snacks on the weekend. I guess sugar doesn't count on the weekends...noted.

12. Fighting with your siblings because no one else is around.


13. Neighborhood-Wide games of Hide And Seek (or whatever else you felt like playing)

And if you were feeling particularly nasty, you'd tell the youngest kid to go hide and then never look for him.

14.  Waiting until the last minute to do homework.

Sunday night was always the worst...and yet we never learned our lesson.

What else do you remember about weekends as a kid? Let us know!