The First Six Mega Man Games Are Coming To Mobile Phones

Just a month after another retro gaming icon finally made the jump to mobile phones, and after this year's huge success of Pokemon Go, everyone's favorite super fighting robot is finally ready to rock and roll onto Android and iOS.

Capcom announced on Monday that Mega-fans won't have to wait until 20XX to duke it out with the blue hero's robot enemies on their phones.  The first 6 Mega Man games will be available on mobile phones some time in January.

There's no price announced yet, or even a definite release date besides "early January," but fans of the blue robot's side-scrolling adventures will be glad to know they can take the fight to Dr. Wily wherever they are starting very soon.

The games will be the same newly restored versions featured on last year's Mega Man Legacy Collection, but it seems from Capcom's announcement that each one will be sold separately when they launch on mobile platforms.

Will you be revisiting these classic games on your phone?