The First Concerts We All Went To Prove How Much Better Music Was When We Were Young

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A little while ago, Throwbacks shared a post on our page asking you, the audience, to tell us what your first concert was. Well, you answered, and here are some of the ones a lot of you seemed to see!

New Kids On The Block

The original boyband remains one of the best, and we're sure a show of theirs would've been wild back in the day.


The biggest heavy metal band in the world has been many, MANY people's first concerts for decades now, and they're still going strong to this day!


We all loved Blink back when we were waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too young to be listening to them (let's get real, the profanity was why we liked them) and they were even more hilarious live.

The Monkees

Going waaaaaaaaaay back on this one, The Monkees were a pretty huge sensation for their time (even though they didn't write or play their own songs) and seeing them live is a pretty big feather in your cap.

Green Day

Even though we're tired of hearing "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" we still love the boys from California, and they never disappoint live.


Kids everywhere were enthralled by the three-piece and were singing along to "Mmmbop," even though it turns out most of us were singing it wrong.

There's some pretty impressive ones further down the list.

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