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The Best Nostalgia Inducing Online Casino Slots

The very mention of slot machines is enough to evoke a sense of nostalgia for most of us. From the classic fruit machines to the new age online video games, slots have come a long way, only getting better and more interactive as technology improves further.

However, with all the modern advancements taking place in our lives, we all often feel a void in our hearts. This is typically associated with the good ole' days when life was supposedly more uncomplicated and straightforward. Thanks to online casinos, the one thing that is a lot simpler is the ability to play gambling games on mobile devices or from the comforts of your home. However, to nudge that classic feeling a little further, here are a few online slots that capture the essence of the last century beautifully through their graphics, sounds, and gameplay.

Retro Reels

With Retro Reels, one of Microgaming's nostalgia-filled slots, you get the best of both worlds. In appearance, the slot goes back to the original theme with symbols that range from cherries and bars to dollar signs, lemons, and sevens. The game has 5-reels with 20 paylines, and crisp graphics with a smooth user interface for uninterrupted playing. However, keeping up with the latest trends, this basic game without scatter or wild symbols, does have auto-play and bet max tabs.

The Funky 70s

For people who have specific gambling tastes, it helps to spend time researching on the casino you want to join. There are several factors to check beforehand, such as payment options, mobile app, and customer support. However, one must also check out the games in advance, and for lovers of nostalgia, one of the best choices is Intertops Casinos. The website it such that you get to play at two casinos, their Classic Casino as well as the "original Intertops Red Casino." Once you have selected the perfect casino, you can then move on to the next recommended online slot, The Funky 70s. As the name suggests, it is all about the groovy and psychedelic 70s featuring symbols such as disco balls, the first computer, high-heel American boots, and cassette tapes. The 5-reel game has 40 paylines, scatter symbols that lead to free spins, and wild cards that increase your winnings.  

Rubik’s Riches

One of the most ground-breaking slots to come out in recent years, Rubik's Riches takes nostalgia head-on by replacing the standard reels of a slot with a Rubik's cube. The rest of this 3D game plays out similarly with multiple ways to win, free spins and a bonus round to boost your profits. The extra game comes randomly, so the more you play, the more chances you will earn. Amongst the prizes of the random game are extra cubes, which then allow you to score better. It really is one of the most profitable and unconventional slot games in the market right now.  

Creature from the Black Lagoon

A game based on the 1954 B-movie from Hollywood, Creature from the Black Lagoon, has all the main characters from the film as well as a nostalgic vibe you will fall in love with instantly. The 5-reel game has all the bells and whistles of the new-age slot and comes with excellent graphics, music, and multiple wild symbols. Moreover, besides the standard free spins, you also have the option for re-spins that players particularly find appealing. A slot perfect for classic film lovers, Creature from the Black Lagoon is breathtakingly excellent in every respect.