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10 Movie Train Wrecks That Even Amazing Actors Couldn't Save

Everybody needs a paycheck, even famous Hollywood actors. While we remember them for their Oscar-winning performances, sometimes we also have the misfortune of seeing them in something legitimately bad. In the case of these 10 movies, we really hope the paycheck was good.

Bruce Willis - North

If you've ever wanted to see Bruce Willis dressed up as the Easter Bunny and giving terrible advice to Elijah Wood, then have I got a movie for you. He's not the worst part of it, but trust me, this movie is a dumpster fire.

Julianne Moore - Body of Evidence

Back when Madonna thought she could act, she dragged Moore into this "erotic-thriller" that was basically just softcore porn.

Terrence Howard - Glitter

Before he had an Oscar nomination for Hustle and Flow, Howard appeared in one of the most infamously bad musical movies of all time, one that more or less seems to have been made just to satisfy Mariah Carey's ego.

Bill Murray - Larger Than Life

Bill Murray inherits an elephant, and shenanigans ensue. Really. That's the entire movie.

Gene Kelly - Xanadu

This failed star vehicle for Olivia Newton-John was not only so bad it more or less tanked her acting career, but she had to drag along one of the single most talented actors in show business down with her.

These next few movies are REALLY awful...

Forest Whitaker - Battlefield Earth

A respected actor of stag and screen, Whitaker made a mistake in taking on this John Travolta-helmed sci-fi ode to Scientology. While Travolta never really recovered, Whitaker thankfully did.

Mickey Rourke - Love In Paris

A direct sequel to the infamous 9 1/2 Weeks, Rourke reprises his role from that movie in a film that has none of the suspense or sex appeal of the first one, and was ultimately just really bad.

Gene Hackman - Loose Cannons

Hackman, a gritty veteran cop, and Dan Aykroyd, a rookie with a multiple personality disorder, have to team up to recover a long-lost Nazi sex tape, featuring footage of Adolf Hitler. No, I am not kidding; this was a real movie.

Jack Nicholson - Man Trouble

Nicholson stars in a thriller about a dog trainer who starts to fall in love with a woman who has hired his services to train dogs and protect her from a serial killer. Not the stupidest plot of a movie (somehow), but it tries to both be serious and funny, and doesn't do either well.

Orson Welles - Necromancy

The guy responsible for Citizen Kane, often considered one of the best movies of all time, appeared in this really, really stupid horror movie.

Michael Caine - Jaws: The Revenge

This fourth (yes, FOURTH) Jaws movie feature a young Michael Caine, who had the following to say about it: "I've never seen the film. I've heard it's quite horrible. However, the house it paid for is lovely."

Robert De Niro - The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Look at this. Just look at this. We let this happen.

What great actors do you remember being in terrible movies?