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21 Tattoos That Were Inspired By Classic Disney Movies

Kids have been growing up watching Disney movies for generations. I don't think there is a single person in North American who hasn't seen at least one of the films, and I think it is hard to find someone who didn't at least like one a little bit. Then there are those people who love their childhood movies implicitly. Just because you grow into adulthood, doesn't mean you have to leave everything from your past behind, and some adults have taken this idea to heart. People have been immortalizing their favorite movies and characters permanently in ink, tattooed into their


10 'Golden Girls' Tattoos That Totally Say "Thank You For Being A Friend"

The Golden Girls was one of those shows that managed to transcend generations. It didn't matter if you were 15 or 50, chances are you were watching this show. We couldn't get enough of them, even when they had more than enough of each other. It seems like their impact on the world is lasting through the years, and now people seem to want to get a bunch of tattoos to truly thank them for being a friend. Do you think you would ever get a Golden Girls tattoo? Check out these and see if there's something you'd consider. 1.


25 Incredible Tattoos That'll Make You Nostalgic For Your Childhood

When we grew up, tattoos seemed to be just for the 'edgy' people. Or at least that's what my parents always told me. But luckily, times have changed, and people's views on tattoos have too. You don't have to be some rough biker to get a tattoo, you can be an accountant, a college student, or a doctor. It really doesn't matter. It's your body, do with it what you will. Personally, I love tattoos and think they are such a good way to express yourself and the things you love. And what do we all love more than anything?