5 'Friends' Plot Holes That Are So Huge They're Basically Unforgivable

Watching Friends in the 90s was basically a requirement. We all had to tune in because everyone was going to be talking about what happened the next day at work or school! It was basically the most popular show in the country, so it was either keep up, or get confused. The problem was that sometimes staying caught up led to some confusing realizations. NBCIt's not completely abnormal for there to be continuity errors in shows, but you would think a huge show like Friends would be able to keep them under control. I guess you don't know at the


8 Questions We All Have About The Movie 'Casper'

Casper was one of the best movies from our childhood. It was spooky enough without being too scary, and it made us all want to believe in ghosts. How cool would it be to have a little ghost friend who could help you out when you need them? Universal PicturesThe movie was really one of a kind, it did a lot of things that other movies hadn't yet done which probably helped make it feel as special as it did. Even though the movie was obviously amazing, there are still a few things that happen in it that are really