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For The First Time Ever, All The Disney Princesses Will Be In One Movie

Disney princesses are some of the most popular characters. Pretty much everyone has their favorite princess, whether they like the brainy Belle, the optimistic Ariel, or even the very brave Mulan. DisneyEvery princess has their strengths and weaknesses, so each of us relate to them differently. Each princess gets to have her moment in their own movie, but what would it be like if all the princesses got together at once? Would it be mayhem? Would it be chaos? Would it be awesome? Well, you're about to find out. DisneyDisney's D23 Expo revealed a lot of exciting news over the


What Would The World Be Like If Disney Princesses Had Social Media?

Disney princesses are some of the most beloved characters in kids movies. Everyone seems to have their favorite, or at the very least some opinions about all the choices that they make. Disney movies seem to all take place a very long time ago, predating modern technology by many years. But what would happen if these princesses DID live in modern days? Specifically, what would a princess on social media look like? An artist named Cyplon figured out exactly what the Instagram of a princess would look like and it is pretty cute. Check out all your favorite ladies below