Christina Aguilera Is Finally Going On Tour Again

Christina Aguilera was one of the queens of the 90s. Her self-titled debut album came out just before the 90s ended, but we had already known her for years because of her appearance in The Mickey Mouse Club. She had this huge powerhouse voice that none of us really understand how it came out of such a tiny little human, but somehow it worked. She released her first single in 1999 and quickly became one of the top pop stars in world. They were constantly pitting her against Britney Spears and trying to see who would come out on top,


If You've Been Looking For Tiffany, I Think She's Alone Now - And That's Not All

In 1985, the life of a 14-year-old aspiring singer by the name of Tiffany Renee Darwish changed forever when she finished second place on Star Search with Ed McMahon. She went on to sign a contract with MCA and recorded her first studio album, Tiffany, which was released in 1987. Unfortunately, her first single, "Danny," failed to chart, so her manager, George Tobin, sent her on a nationwide shopping mall tour called "The Beautiful You: Celebrating The Good Life Shopping Mall Tour '87."Tiffany started to build up a fan base as the shows progressed, and by the time she


20 Songs That Gave Us Life When We Were Kids But Are Now Forgotten

There really is no other way to put this, if you remember these songs you are definitely getting closer to 30+, than you are to 21. There are songs on this list that we wish we could forget, and the younger generation should be glad that they never had to live through a time where these were blasting on car radios. But some of these hits bring back memories of simpler times, handing out with our friends, doing things we enjoyed before we had to start "adulting".  1. Strong Enough - Cher Cher has been around forever. This isn't


Aaron Carter Was A Huge Star Back In the Day, But What Is He Up To Now?

Aaron Carter is one of those 90s pop stars that a lot of people were obsessed with in the 90s. He was one of the younger singers, so the little kids finally had someone more reasonable to have a crush on. More importantly, his preteen music was just what they needed for all those school dances. Celebs NowAs the younger brother of Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, he had a lot to live up to. It wasn't always easy, but he managed to stand out with singles like "I Want Candy", "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)", and "That's How I Beat