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There's A Weird Rumor That Bruce Willis Was Forced To Be On 'Friends'

Friends was one of the most popular shows of the 90s. The show was loved by millions and aired for 10 years, helping to make all the stars household names. NBCOne of the best things about Friends was that they had so many guest stars. Each season had some huge names come and join the cast for a few special episodes. Sometimes they would appear as themselves but a lot of the time they would play a character.Some really big names came to Central Perk over the years, including Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Tom Selleck, Susan Surandon, Brad Pitt


Matthew Perry Revealed His All-Time Favorite Chandler Bing Line

If you grew up in the 90s, you know about Friends. You may not like it (because you're weird, I guess) but you definitely know who Chandler Bing is. Could he BE anymore iconic? For years, fans have debated about what Chandler's best line was during the series. In a comedy show, he still managed to be the comedic relief. Regardless of the situation, you knew Chandler was going to crack a joke. These were some of the most iconic lines:Pop SugarImgurPop SugarPop SugarRecently, Matthew Perry gave his opinion on what Chandler's best one-liner of all time is. Honestly,