The 'Magnum P.I.' Reboot Has Found Its Star, And We're Actually Pretty Impressed

CBS is digging through its closet for old Hawaiian shirts as it prepares for a reboot of Magnum P.I., and we finally know who will play the famous detective in the new series.The network has already found success by remaking their classic TV shows like S.W.A.T., MacGyver, and Hawaii Five-O, and they're hoping one of the most popular shows of the '80s is ripe for a revival.Now, CBS has announced that actor Jay Hernandez will fill Tom Selleck's shoes as Thomas Magnum, the suave private eye from Oahu, Hawaii.But there are some modern


Two Of Your Favorite Detective Shows Are Officially Coming Back, But They Have Made Some Changes

After launching the career of everyone's favorite mustachioed star, Magnum P.I. has been announced as the next show to get a reboot, and it's not the only classic CBS show to come back. They have also revealed that Cagney & Lacey will be back as well. CBSMagnum P.I., starring Tom Selleck, was a great show about a private investigator living in Hawaii. There were a lot of floral shirts, a cool car, and beautiful sets. Cagney & Lacey was another super successful detective-style show, only they were police officers in New York City. CBSThe two popular shows are set to


7 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Selleck That Prove He Is More Than Just A Mustache

Magnum P.I was a pretty awesome show, and not just because of that epic mustache. Tom Selleck brought the show to the next level with his acting skills and managed to work his way into everyone's hearts. CBSHow many of our moms and grandmothers were in love with him? Basically all of them right? Well, now you can let them know more about their favorite actor! He's been in a lot of failed showsCBSHe starred in six pilots that never took off. Luckily, it was all worth the wait because Magnum P.I helped launch him into super stardom.


The New 'Magnum P.I .' Reboot Started, And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

We all know that reboots are the only thing that TV networks want to give us anymore, but here's the thing, it's hard to know if it's actually going to be good or not. Sure, everyone says they hate all of the reboots, but that can't possibly be true. There has to be some that are okay otherwise they wouldn't keep getting made. Well, Magnum P.I. has a new reboot and it officially aired its first episode, and people have some mixed reviews. The Hollywood Reporter wasn't completely horrified by the episode, but they did call it "so-so." "Having