Lisa Frank Teams Up With Reebok To Create The Most Wonderful Shoes Ever

Back-to-school season is upon us! This means that those of us who have already grown out of the school years are all experiencing some stress that we can't explain. It seems like no matter how long it has been since we graduated, there is this permanent association with the end of summer that makes us feel like we need to go buy some new pencils. WikimediaThe one thing that we do get to benefit from is the back-to-school fashions! Every year companies seem to put all their best stuff out when they know kids will be shopping. So, we may


20 Trapper Keepers That Will Almost Make You Wish You Were Going Back To School

There is something about getting new school supplies that makes you completely forget how annoying it is to go back to school. You totally ignore the stress of the tests and the pressure from your classmates, because all of your new pens and pencils are so perfect and new. Branded in the 80sOne of the best things about going back to school was getting yourself all organized to take on a whole new year. The best way to do that? A new Trapper Keeper, obviously! These perfect little treasures helped you keep all your notes and calendars in one place!


Lisa Frank Has Launched A Clothing Line And It's Everything You Want It To Be

Lisa Frank has been having sort of a renaissance lately. The retro styles that are in fashion right now line up perfectly with Lisa Frank's aesthetic and we are here for it! Lisa FrankFirst we had their makeup line which was absolutely thrilling Lisa Frank blush brush! Shop link in bio ✨#LisaFrank @glamplify A post shared by Lisa Frank (@lisa_frank) on Apr 10, 2017 at 9:16am PDT There was also Lisa Frank hair that was a big trend for a while More rainbows please ❤️


An Old Lisa Frank Factory Is Up For Sale, So Now We Can Finally See Inside

If you've ever owned a piece of Lisa Frank merchandise, you know just how magical the brand really is. They aren't afraid to make the most outrageously colorful items using the most preposterous characters, and all of us 80s and 90s kids were so grateful for each and every creation. Growing up with Lisa Frank meant that we all had this idealistic rainbow world on our binders and in our hearts. We loved all the bears, unicorns, penguins, and puppies that made our school days a little bit more exciting. But where did they come from? Where did Lisa Frank