8 Simple Things You Should Know About John Ritter

John Ritter was a TV Legend, and having him pass away so suddenly was a shock for all of his fans. He was a talented actor and a beloved personality and he is still missed to this day. ABCHe first became ill while he was in rehearsal for the show 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, but the doctors misdiagnosed him. They had said he was having a heart attack and began to treat that, but when he didn't get better they diagnosed him with an aortic dissection. He passed away while in surgery, only six days before


11 TV Shows From The '80s That You Definitely Forgot About

Nostalgia is a funny thing, when we look back at our childhood we tend to remember the really great moments and the really awful ones, but not much in between. It's the same with TV shows. When you think of watching TV in the '80s, only hits like Cheers and The A-Team come to mind, but the truth is for every memorable show there were at least a dozen we'd rather forget.This list doesn't collect the worst TV shows from the 80s, but it does include 11 that most people have forgotten about. It's a real mix of the